Congratulations to our 2021 Florida Big Brother of the Year, Randy Haas, and Little Brother Roby

Feb 23, 2021


Roby’s mother enrolled him in the match program with the goal of finding a male role model to help teach her son critical life skills and guide him as he became a man. After searching for some time, the staff at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County found the perfect match.

Randy Haas and Roby were matched in a community-based program in August 2018.  Since then, Randy has become a constant in Roby’s life, creating more memories than they can count.

In just three years, Roby has come out of his shell and learned to trust his Big Brother, Randy. He now appreciates all that Randy has done to motivate him, encourage him to pursue his dreams and strive to do his best in every aspect of life.

One of the most memorable activities that this match shares is their time spent at the gym and playing tennis. They would spend nearly half the day exercising and talking. It instilled a confidence in Roby that he never thought possible.

Roby cannot imagine his life without Randy. He said, “Randy is an honest person, and someone that I trust.” He added, “I would not be the person I am today without him.”

Special thanks and congratulations to our 2021 Big Brother of the Year, Randy!