Economic Impact

Career Exploration

BBBSAF partners with corporations and other community organizations to open doors to careers and instill the focus of future employment in young people.

High school age students work side-by-side with a mentor in his or her corporate workplace. Young people experience first-hand the world of work. They gain the perspective of and encouragement from someone who is already successfully doing the job through job shadowing opportunites.

As a result, youth will be inspired to know who they want to become. And they will be empowered and qualified to meet the needs of employer’s across the state of Florida.

Recently, through a new partneship with the Florida Prepaid Scholarship Foundation and our corporate donors, Florida Power & Light and Coke Florida, we have been able to issue Florida Prepaid Scholarships to youth in all our programs to Florida based colleges, universities, and trade/vocational schools. 

Core funding for this program has been provided by the Florida Department of Commerce.