to Big Brothers Big Sisters Association of Florida, a community of caring individuals committed to assuring a bright future for all, by befriending young people who need positive role models.  Not every child has someone to look up to, emulate, trust and love.  Big Brothers Big Sisters Association of Florida members enable volunteers to make Big Magic out of Little Moments.  Your opportunity to join thousands of others, and to participate in this gratifying experience, is at hand.  More...

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The organization’s purpose is to increase resources and create opportunities to enhance service growth for the thirteen BBBSAF affiliate members.

Forbes Magazine in 2006 again named Big Brothers Big Sisters on its Gold Star List of America’s 10 best nonprofit organizations. 

Last year in Florida over 15,000 Big Brothers and Big Sisters reached out and offered a youth the gift of friendship.







To contact us please call 1-813-621-1188 | Follow us on Facebook